The Prescient Freedom Paddle 2020 – Date Confirmed 

 September 7, 2020

The Freedom Paddle is confirmed. The paddling fraternity was jumping with joy following the recent announcement that the iconic surf-ski event, which circumnavigates Robben Island, will be held on the 24th October 2020. The organisers have pulled out all the stops to be COVID-19 compliant and to ensure the safety of all competitors.

The organisers are well versed (and qualified) in this area, given that any event with unmotorised craft on
the open ocean poses significant risks. Utmost care and consideration is given to competitor’s safety for
ALL circumstances and conditions, COVID-19 was just an unexpected hurdle or challenge which we have had to
overcome in order to get the green light to go ahead with the event.

However, now that all is confirmed, the opportunity to celebrate our freedom will take on a whole new
meaning. Originally scheduled for Freedom Day this year (27th April) the organisers were obliged to
postpone and the date of the 24th October was always a good option, given that the weather conditions
are very similar. The journey around the Island will hold major significance for those who complete the race
as it will acknowledge the restrictions of the past few months and give them the opportunity to recognise
their freedom from restrictions and restraints.

The challenge will be the same, a 27km paddle around the Island, on either a single or double ski (last year
we had a S3 finish the race) or on a SUP or similar craft (subject to safety checks). It’s on - it’s confirmed
and it’s happening. We encourage you to use this opportunity to give yourself a goal to work towards and
join us on the 24th October. Enter right now on www.freedompaddle.co.za or get hold of us if you have any

We have appointed Event Plan and Medics in Motion to assist with the entire event compliance and
safety plan. CSA’s COVID-19 protocols have been provided and we have engaged with the City Health and
Safety Officer and National Health Department to ensure the event is compliant. The events application
has been accepted for consideration by the City of Cape Town and we await approval. We are being
guided by the National Government and National Health Department COVID-19 regulations throughout
the process and all measures are being put in place to ensure the safety of all participants and crew. At
this time, we are confident that the event will go ahead as planned, however final confirmation can only
be determined closer to the event in line with National Governments adjusted risk assessment protocols.

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