Euro Steel Strives to Overcome the Odds 

 September 18, 2020

While good news has been hard to find in 2020, the organisers of the Prescient Freedom Paddle have managed to get it right and keep on announcing more and more positivity for the paddlers. The latest news is the confirmation of the continuation of the partnership with Euro Steel, long time supporters of paddling in SA, for the 2020 edition of the Freedom Paddle.

Despite incredibly tough economic times and trying conditions for Euro Steel, one of SA’s leading suppliers of stainless steel, aluminium and special alloys, a way has been found to support the unique and novel edition of the Freedom Paddle, a 27km paddle around the iconic Robben Island, on the 24th October. Colin Wilson, CEO of Euro Steel, confirmed his excitement at the event going ahead and the partnership, “We are thrilled that we could come to an agreement with the Organisers to be part of what we believe will be a very special edition of the race this year. Given our past strong relationship with them, and the what we see for the future of the race, we had to find a way to make it happen, and we are so glad we have. We look forward to everyone else’s support in these trying times.” 

Rob Tindall, Race Director, echoed his sentiments, when replying, “Its such an honour to be able to “give back” something to one of the biggest supporters of paddling in SA, and with careful consideration under the conditions, we believe we are doing what is right for everyone and will have substantial benefits for all in the future.”

Entries for the race are open and there is growing excitement and enthusiasm amongst the paddling community to get back on the water with the confirmed goal of being able to circumnavigate Robben Island. This may well prove very significant this year, as we celebrate our freedom from restrictions and acknowledge the work done by all to create a safer, more prosperous South Africa for all. We are all committed to this process of being a tiny cog in the wheel of being a contributor to the solution South Africa needs right now. 


We have appointed Event Plan and Medics in Motion to assist with the entire event compliance and
safety plan. CSA’s Covid-19 protocols have been provided and we have engaged with the City Health and
Safety Officer and National Health Department to ensure the event is complaint. The events application
has been accepted for consideration by the City of Cape Town and we await approval. We are being
guided by the National Government and National Health Department Covid-19 regulations throughout
the process and all measures are being put in place to ensure the safety of all participants and crew. At
this time, we are confident that the event will go ahead as planned, however final confirmation can only
be determined closer to the event in line with National Governments adjusted risk assessment protocols.

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