This is a live list. If you paid via Payfast your name should appear on this list within 30min or quicker. If you paid via EFT, you will need to wait for us to recon your payment. 


If you entered but do not see your name on the list please email entries at We need to know the date of entry, date of payment, the method of payment, proof of payment and amount paid.

We do have quite a few folks who entered and never paid (or we can’t allocate a payment to you, or we can’t find your payment in our bank statement or you are not appearing in our list of credit card transactions).

If your discipline falls under CSA ,you need to be a paid-up member of CSA with a CSA number, have a full racing license and be marked as Open Ocean surfski proficient in the CSA database by 10th April or you will not be allowed to race. International paddlers are exempt from this rule provided they are suitably registered and competent as per their own federation rules. 

Please visit, log into the paddler portal to confirm your status. Should you not be marked as Open Ocean surfski proficient, please contact your clubs’ safety officer to resolve.