In case of Fog

Fog is always a risk at this time of year on Table Bay. We strongly recommend (can we insist?) that you load the race way points to your GPS enabled device. Navigational way points can be found here.

If there is fog before the start of the race

  1. At 6 am, via the race Whatsapp group, we will notify you if the race is going ahead on schedule or if there has been a fog delay.
  2. If there is a fog delay, stay at home. DO NOT COME TO THE RACE VENUE. Covid -19 protocols and our permit regulations prevent us from allowing paddlers to enter Oceana to wait for the race start.
  3. The next update will be at 8.30 am. Each update will be done at 2 hour intervals.
  4. We will give you a minimum of 2hrs notice to get to the start of the race. 
  5.  The latest the race can start will be 2.30pm. 

If fog forms during the race

Fog mid race is a serious safety hazard. If you have ever paddled in fog, you know how incredibly disorientating it is. No matter how well you know the area, or how well you can read the sea, you will get lost. Perhaps the biggest risk is being run down by commercial traffic in Table Bay. To reduce the risk and get everyone home as safer as possible please follow these steps.

  1.  Be aware of the weather. If you see fog forming, take stock of your surroundings, and make smart decisions. The water is ice cold, and the air temperature will drop. Hypothermia is a real risk. Staying safe and getting home safely is far more important than a race result. 
  2. If the race safety officer decides to halt racing, the on water safety boats will sound a horn - 3 short blasts, then 3 long blasts. This pattern will be sounded repeatedly. 
  3. Immediately stop racing and group together with the fellow paddlers around you. 
  4. If you are alone, use your race issued whistle to attract attention. 
  5. If you hear a whistle, answer with your whistle and navigate towards one another.
  6. Once you have formed a group return to the start by the shortest route possible. 
  7. Use a GPS enabled device, loaded with course way points to navigate home. The google maps app of your phone works very well. 
  8. Stay together. We will be tracking you via SafeTrx Flotilla.
  9. If you need assistance active the emergency button on your SafeTrx app.