Day plan and order of events

Registration - 26th April

Registration is from 4 pm to 7pm on the evening of the 26th. All craft must be stored in the boat pound over night. No craft will be allowed into the precinct on race day.

You do not have to individually attend registration. You can arrange to have your craft dropped off and someone to collect your race gear on your behalf. 

Anyone who is not checked in at registration will not be allowed to race.

Please follow the instructions below carefully. 

  1. There is NO PARKING allowed inside the club. The club is very strict on this. If you break this rule YOU risk the club not allowing the event to use the venue next year. 
  2. Trailers with ski's can be stored at the club from Tuesday morning. Please contact the organisers if you require trailer earlier.
  3. To drop off craft, please drive into the club parking to the craft drop off point. Craft Valets will unload your craft and store it in the boat pound for you. Once your craft is off loaded, please drive out of the club and park in the street or in the parking garage above and behind the club. No craft will be allowed into the premises on the 27th.
  4. Walk back to the club and join the registration queue. 
  5. Brian's Kayaks will have a stand to buy equipment. You can buy your items online at at collect at registration. 
  6. There will be several registration tables so we can register paddlers as quickly as possible. Please wait at the door entrance until called through. 
  7. The registration officer will confirm your details and issue you your goodie bag. 
  8. The registration officer will do their best to accommodate any changes you require. T shirt sizes are set as per the size you have stipulated, either on your entry form or on your CSA profile.
  9. Inside your goodie bag will be race stickers that need to be applied to your craft and your paddle. Please stick these to your craft on the evening. There will be no time for admin on race day. Please apply sponsors stickers as per race instructions. Sponsors need their mileage so let's respect their support of us by supporting them. Failure to apply stickers could result in DSQ. Go the extra mile and really support the sponsors. Apply the stickers so that they look good, use their services if you have a need. Sponsors make our races happen, let's look after them as best we can. 
  10. The race will supply race number stickers so CSA stickers are not required. We ask that you use tape to block out CSA numbers, or any other number stickers, so as not to confuse the time keepers. 
  11. Grab and cold one back in the club and enjoy the vibe.

Race day - 27th April

Most importantly on race day we ask for your patience and co-operation. There will be well over 400 people in a small area. In addition there will be club members, members of the public, commercial fishermen and recreation boaters. While we have hired the venue we have exclusive use. We ask that you be kind and considerate to your fellow humans and listen to the marshals.  


  1. Club gates will open at 06h30. 
  2. To avoid congestion please do not come down to the club earlier than 1 hr before your start. 
  3. Any weather delays will be communicated via the the Race WhatsApp group.
  4. No parking inside the club. Park in the street or in the parking garage next to the market.
  5. Please keep the slipway clear to allow safety craft to launch. 
  6. Please leave your craft in the pound until called to the water.
  7. Every paddler must have a safety inspection by a race safety officer and be issued a numbered race whistle. No whistle, no race. These whistles must be returned on exiting the water after racing. This is the safety check that you have safely returned. 

Schedule of Events - Subject to change, weather dependant

Please ensure you are on the Race WhatsApp group for up to the minute communications.

  1. 07h30 - slower craft start - long course
  2. 08h00 - SUP, Prone, Kayakers - long course
  3. 08h30 - Coastal Rowers start - long course
  4. 09h00 - Singles start - long course
  5. 09h30 - Doubles start - long course
  6. 10h00 - Short course start - everyone
  7. 13h00 - Estimated Prize giving

You will only be allowed onto the water after the group before you has started.