15 Km of Spectacular Surfski Paddling on the 27 April 2020

Sprint Course Surfski Entries

It does not matter if you are entering single or double at this point, there will the opportunity to choose your category or partner closer to race date. Everyone enters as an individual.

Choose your entry fee amount by deciding when you would like to enter. You will be able to create a doubles team closer to the event so no need to recruit a partner right now.

The entry fee will increase as the event draws nearer.

This is a doubles event but enter now and team up later. Singles are welcome

R 490 early bird (Limited to 2019 paddlers) 29th July – 11 August 2019 – Goodie bag – Closed
R 690 12 August –  31 Jan 2020-Goodie bag
R 890 1 Feb – 31 March – Goodie bag
R 1500 1 April – 12 April – No Goodie bag
R 3000 12 April – 19 April – Are you mad? But if you are desperate to race….. (No Goodie bag)

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