Race Rules

  1. All competitors ski’s to have the tips & tails of their ski painted either red, orange, neon yellow or neon pink. This must be at least 50 cm each end. Please no Branding or names visible on the tips.
  2. No paddler will be allowed on the water without ALL the necessary safety equipment.
  3. Personal advertising will only be permitted as per the CSA personal advertising rule i.e behind the pedals and provided it does not conflict with the event sponsor or sponsors. In such an event the Race organisers reserve the right to have conflicting branding removed. Personal advertising may not clash with the main sponsors. Race organisers reserve the right to remove any branding that may cause conflict with any of the event sponsors. 
  4. All surf skis/paddles must display any sponsor’s logo stickers that are supplied.
  5. No stickers other than the sponsor stickers will be permitted in the area in front of the pedals to the nose of your ski, this includes personal branding and names. 
  6. Each paddler will wear a PFD (Personal Floatation Device) as approved by Canoeing South Africa and have a leash attaching the paddler to the surf ski, SUP or Prone board. Prone paddlers are exempt from wearing a PFD due to the it impeding with their ability to operate their craft. 
  7. Each paddler is required to have a working cell phone. Only one paddler per craft must have the SafeTrx Flotilla app downloaded and enter the SafeTrx Flotilla race tracking code. This app needs to be activated for the duration of the race.
  8. The organisers recommend you carry a flare/s incase of emergency.
  9. Paddlers in disciplines managed by Canoeing South Africa (CSA) must be registered with CSA to be eligible to compete in any of the races.
  10. Paddlers in disciplines managed by Canoeing South Africa (CSA) must hold the “open ocean level of proficiency” to be able to compete in the long course event and "surfski level of proficiency" for the short course event
  11. Paddlers in disciplines managed by Life Saving South Africa (LSA) must be registered with LSA to be eligible to compete in the short course. 
  12. Paddlers in disciplines managed byLife Saving South Africa (LSA) must hold at least a  “JLA” to be able to compete in the short course event. They must also be signed off my their Life saving Club / Coach that they agree they are competent enough to handle likely conditions of open ocean paddling. 
  13. Only CSA registered paddlers may enter the long course event. 
  14. Paddlers must display correct Freedom Paddle issued race numbers on their craft – any incorrect/incomplete numbers will result in disqualification.
  15. The number issued by the race organisers must be placed at the front on both sides of your surf ski. 
  16. All other numbers on the craft must either be removed or clearly blanked out. This is not to casue confusion for the time keepers.
  17. Any competitor who rides the wake of a motorized craft will be disqualified. 
  18. All competitors must pass a safety inspection and receive a numbered race whistle before entering the water on race day. Each paddler must have an approved PFD, a leg leash (paddle leases are not sufficient), high vis clothing, cell phone in a water proof bag, be running RSA SafeTrx app, bright colours on the craft and craft must be seaworthy to for inspection. 
  19. Once on the water, seconds are not allowed. 
  20. Any competitor who receives physical support or assistance or who enters one of the rescue craft, will be disqualified, with the exception of those doing so to repair their craft.
  21. All paddlers must meet qualifying criteria stipulated by the race organizers. These criteria are subject to the discretion of the race safety officer. Guidelines for qualification are having completed a prior Freedom Paddle, Cape Point Challenge, PE2EL, Scottborough to Brighton, Pete Marlin, Dolphin Coast, Mouth to Mouth or similar level open ocean events.
  22. No paddler under 14 years of age as at 31 December 2022 may enter the race the medium or long course. 
  23. No paddler under 16 years of age as at 31 December 2022, may enter in a single ski/SUP or prone for the long course. 
  24. The race referee may decide whether a competitor should be prevented from continuing the race at any time. The decision of the race referee is final. NSRI are considered to be referee’s. 
  25. A safety mobile phone number for emergencies, as well as for notifying the race referee of withdrawals will be given at race briefing. The onus is on the competitor to notify the race referee of his/her withdrawal. The costs of any search resulting from a competitor not notifying the organizers of his or her withdrawal will be borne by the competitor.
  26. The finish will be between a buoy and the white hut on the OPBC breakwater. 
  27. Paddlers must cross the finish line with their craft. 
  28. For multi paddler craft, all paddlers must finish with the craft. 
  29. Competitors must finish the race with the craft they started the race in. Paddles may be changed. 
  30. Prize Giving  - competitors must be present at prize giving in order to claim their prizes. 
  31. Breach of these advertising / sponsorship rules may result in the paddler forfeiting any prize money to which he or she may have been entitled and risk disqualification.
  32. Race registration will take place on 26th April 2023 at Oceana Power Boat Club between 16h00 - 19h00.
  33. All craft must be brought in and stored onsite at registration. No craft will be allowed into the race precinct on race day. Prone boards are exempt.
  34. One person may register for others, provided they have all the information required to complete registration. That is names, contact numbers, age, CSA No., next of kin details and shirt size.
  35. Briefing will be delivered electronically and broadcast via the race instant message channel. 
  36. All race communications will be via the race instant message channel and each paddler is required to be on this channel. 
  37. Should adverse weather conditions delay the race start, all communications governing the delay will be via the race instant message channel.
  38. Any altered (floatation removed) PFD WILL LEAD TO IMMEDIATE DISQUALIFICATION.
  39. The race committee reserves the right to change the course, or to change starting times, or to cancel or delay at its discretion a part or the whole race in the interests of safety. At prize giving, if the MC ask "has anyone seen my marbles, I seem to have lost my marbles", jump up and do the funky chicken dance (you have to squawk like a chicken too)  to show you have actually read these damn rules. There may be a little something extra at prize giving for our squawking chickens.
  40. No inflatable lifejackets will be permitted.
  41. If the race is forced to be cancelled due to adverse weather conditions, no refunds will be made as this is considered to be a force majeure. 
  42. If the race is postponed or cancelled no less than 2 months before the race date paddlers will be eligible for a refund or to transfer their entry to the next race date. 
  43. If the race is postponed or cancelled within 2 months of the race date race organisers will, at their discretion, endeavour to offer a full or partial refund.
  44. Entries can be transferred to other paddlers.
  45. There will be no refund of an entry or hold over of an entry to a later year, if a paddler is unable to attend the event. We recommend selling your entry to another paddler and using our transfer system found on the website.