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The Prescient Freedom Paddle entails quite a few navigational challenges. There are 2 open ocean crossings of 10km each, as you cross from the mainland to the island and back again. Having the correct line can save hundreds of meters.

There is a real risk of fog mid-race, in which case knowing how to navigate using your GPS enabled device is critical for your personal safety.

Here are the key waypoints to prgm into your device.

Start /Finish:   -33.900976 18.416206  (This is perhaps the most NB pt, so you can find your way home).

Harbour Bouy:  -33.835229 18.387449 (this will be several 100m to your left if you are on the direct line to the east of the island).

Old Robben Island jetty:  -33.812394 18.383908 (This is 10km from the start).

Robben Island Harbour wall:  -33.798335 18.380271 (12km in, watch out for harbour traffic).

Robben Island Northernmost pt:  -33.788349 18.366366 (this is the start of the surf zone).

Mandela's lefts:  -33.798924 18.352676 (This is a deep reef so look out for surf breaking deeper than your line).

The Slab:  -33.816361 18.358706 (Shallow dangerous reef that surf explodes onto, stay clear even on a small day. From here its straight to the finish).

Route files for Download

Here the files that you should be able to upload to your GPS enabled watch. The exact steps will vary from brand to brand.



These files contain the route information to take you from the start, around the island and back again using your devices navigation options.

For owners of a Suunto device here is the direct link for the route that can be synched via MOVESCOUNT.

The race route is presented on the interactive map below. Click on each waypoint to reveal more information about each pt. Click on the image in the more info section to launch a short video. If you are on a mobile device, click this link to get a mobile-friendly version of the map.

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