If you cannot make the race you can transfer your entry to someone else. All transfers need to be done prior to 15th April

Transfer is a straight fwd process. 

Steps to action the swop out

  1. You negotiate with the person who is selling or buying the entry. How much the entry is bought or sold for is between the 2 of you. 
  2. The person who has the entry completes the form below. Be sure to include the email address of whomever is taking over your entry. This must be the same email address that they will use to enter the race. This is so we can link the 2.
  3. The person taking over the entry, needs to complete a "transfer in" Entry from found here. 
  4. Once that is done the outgoing paddler will be removed from the entry list and replaced with the new paddler. 
  5. The new paddler will have to confirm with race rules including CSA membership and open ocean surfski proficiency if appropriate, to be allowed to participate. 
  6. This needs to be done before 15 April
Freedom Paddle 2022 Transfer In Entry Form

This entry for is only for those who are taking over another paddler's entry and transferring into the event.

For SMS Updates. Please use the international dialling code with out the preceding zero
Federation affiliation is required. If you are CSA registered enter your CSA Number (Only CSA members can enter medium and long course). If you are not yet CSA registered but will be by 15th April enter "0". If you are an LSA member enter "1" (Short Course Only). If you are part of commercial kayak tour operator enter "2" (Short Course Only).
yyyy/mm/dd - So we can determine your age category
Please use the international dialling code with out the preceding zero
Please list recent surfski events that are of a nature that demonstrate your competency to take on the Freedom Paddle. We reserve the right to request further proof of competency as well as the right to deny you entry in the race should we deem you not sufficiently competent to participate.