If you cannot make the race you can transfer your entry to someone else. All transfers need to be done prior to 15th April

Transfer is a straight fwd process. 

You negotiate with the person who is selling or buying the entry. How much the entry is bought or sold for is between the 2 of you. 

Steps to action the swop out

  1. The person who has the entry must email us to let us know exactly who will be taking over their entry. We need a name and the mail address of the person. Email entries (at) freedompaddle.co.za
  2. The new paddler enters the race as per normal on the website but does not complete the payment section. https://freedompaddle.co.za/
  3. The new paddler must then email us to let us know they have entered and whose entry they are taking over. 
  4. We will then reallocate the entry in the system. 
  5. This needs to be done before 15 April
  6. There is R50 admin fee to help pay for the added admin hrs. Either party can pay the admin fee. 

Acc 62562949051

Br code 223626

Ref with either parties email address