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Take on the challenge of paddling to, then around Robben Island and back to Cape Town. Celebrate Freedom Day by paddling around this iconic land mark. 

All paddlers and paddle powered craft skilled, seaworthy and fit enough are invited to take on this challenge. 

There are several course options if the full course seems to much of a challenge. 

Everybody enters as an individual. We will open up a system closer to the race date to enable you to team up with your partner as long as they have entered

The entry fee will increase as the event draws nearer.

This is a doubles event but enter now and team up later.

Singles are welcome.

R 550 early bird 20 January – 31 January – Goodie bag
R 750 1 February –  28 February-Goodie bag
R 950 1 March – 31 March – Goodie bag
R 1500 1 April – 10 April – No Goodie bag
R 3000 11 April – 15 April – Are you mad? But if you are desperate to race. (No Goodie bag)

Freedom Paddle 2021 Entry Form
For SMS Updates. Please use the international dialling code with out the preceding zero
CSA registration Is required to compete. Enter "0" if you intend registering or you are an international paddler.
yyyy/mm/dd - So we can determine your age category
Please use the international dialling code with out the preceding zero
Please list recent surfski events that are of a nature that demonstrate your competency to take on the Freedom Paddle. We reserve the right to request further proof of competency as well as the right to deny you entry in the race should we deem you not sufficiently competent to participate.