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We want to start creating a great culture of Doubles Paddling in the Western Cape as well as start to build momentum towards the Freedom Paddle. What better way to do that than simply get out and race doubles!

Each race of the series will be held towards the end of each month starting on the 26th January. The Freedom Paddle will form part of the series and the final will be in May after the Freedom Paddle.

We are trying something new. Instead of a floating date to get the best conditions, we are going to have a floating venue. A week before each race we will look at the long range forecast and match conditions to the venue best suited to optimal surfski racing.

This series will focus on doubles but singles will be welcome. 

We will be crowning series winner so consistency counts. 

Rules and Series Scoring

We aim to keep this as simple as possible. Nothing fancy, just good old surfski racing. There are a few rules though:-

  • Every paddler must be registered with CSA.
  • Each double must have the driver’s CSA number on the ski as per CSA rules.
  • PFD’s are compulsory as are leashes for both paddlers if the wind is above 10 knots.
  • A smartphone loaded and running Safetrx and the days Flotilla tracking is needed. No SafeTrx no race. Both paddlers must comply with this.

The Series will be scored in a unique way:-

  • Only doubles are eligible for the series prizes.
  • The time of each person in a double will be accumulated.
  • The paddler with the lowest overall time wins.
  • Each paddler will be allowed to discard one race.
  • The Freedom Paddle is compulsory and cannot be discarded. If you miss a race or race in a single,  you will be allocated the slowest teams time plus 10 minutes.

This means that you are free to swop partners during the series as you will be scored individually. We know it’s hard to keep the same partner for 5 races. This way you can still be a part of the series with a different partner if your usual partner cannot make a race.

Entries and on the day logistics

There is no pre-entry for the race, simply arrive at the start and enter. 

Entry will be R150 per paddler, payable via cash or Snapscan, at registration.

Registration will open 1 hr before start.

The venue for the race and start time will be communicated via the Freedom Paddle WhatsApp Grp. If you are not already on the grp please complete the form below and you will be emailed a link to join the group.

We will utilise the best route options on offer for the day and we aim to set a race course that is between 15 and 20km long.

We will try to arrange trailers and shuttles for those races that are DW, otherwise please make your own arrangements where possible.

Prize giving will be as soon as possible after each race, no time to waste.

26th January - Race 1
23rd February - Race 2 (WP S2 Champs requested)
29th March - Race 3
27th April - Race 4 and Freedom Paddle
24th May - Race 5 and Final

What you need to know about the Doubles Series

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