Everything you need to know about CSA and entering The Prescient Freedom Paddle.

The Prescient Freedom Paddle is a sanctioned Canoeing South Africa (CSA) event. That means if you are entering into the surfski, SUP or Prone paddler divisions you need to be a member of CSA, compliant with their rules, and complete your entry via their entry portal. Here is how to get that done.

Step 1. Join a CSA recognised paddling club

There are many clubs to choose from. The Freedom Paddler's Club is the host club for the event. If you are in the Western Cape you can join the The Freedom Paddler's Club quickly and easily via their website.  

For a list of other clubs in the Wester Cape visit the Western Cape Canoe Union website. 

Step 2. Register with CSA

Head over to the CSA registration portal and register an account. You will need to complete a form and select which club you are a member of, or intending to join.

Step 3. Purchase a racing license

On the CSA registration portal you will be able to purchase a racing license. There are several license types available. To compete in the medium or long course events at the Freedom Paddle you will require a full racing license. Simply look for the most expensive license and that is the one you need. There are options for students, juniors and family memberships as well. The short course can be done with a social license.

Once you have purchased a license, your club will be notified to activate your license for you. Make sure your club subs have been paid before hand. A license lasts for 365 days from date of purchase. 

Step 4. Get "OPEN OCEAN" proficient

Surfski paddling carries inherent risks, and we want to be sure everyone who enters the race is competent enough to cope with the race demands. The Freedom Paddle includes 20km of open ocean paddling, with paddlers being 5km from the closest land at one point. As such, CSA rules require that paddlers have the proficiency level of "OPEN OCEAN" to be allowed to enter the event. 

Contact your club safety officer to complete a proficiency test. Once the safety officer is satisfied, they will mark you off as being proficient on the CSA system. 

Step 5. Enter The Freedom Paddle 

This involves a 2 step process. 

First, complete a pre entry form here

Second, head over to the CSA registration portal, and login. Next, search for the Freedom Paddle by clicking the button "View all events" clicking into "Race Type" and selecting "Off shore ski race". The Freedom Paddle will be presented as one of the options.

Select the event, click enter, choose your course, and follow the steps to pay.

If you have not completed the steps above, you will prevented from entering the event.

NB - For those ski paddlers wishing to enter an S2 or S3 team. Although the Freedom Paddle is a doubles focused event, everyone enters as a single. From 1 April we will open a special page on the Freedom Paddle website where you will be able to select your partner, provided your partner has entered the event. 

What to do if you have issues

>> If you have questions regarding the race or you are struggling to with the pre entry part of the process please get in touch.

>> If you are having trouble with navigating the CSA portal, registering, buying a license or entering the event, please contact CSA directly.

>> If you have concerns around proficiency tests please contact your club's safety officer.